Develop an Insight Coaching Skill Set


Masterclass Event title: Insight Coaching


Who Would Benefit: Those who use coaching skills i.e. Coaches, Therapists, Managers


Brief Description Of Event: There is evidence to suggest that some clients seek coaching for support in their lives, to be listened to and understood. However, therapists and coaches are predominantly seeking to assist clients in achieving a change. Changes are possible when a moment of insight occurs. This change is owned by the client but the therapist/coach leads the process. It is a wonderful moment when the client states “that’s right” or “ahhh, I get it”. These events are called Aha, magic or significant moments. Did you know, there are In fact many different terms to describe this moment but no solid definition of what they are. Although this moment of awareness and insight is significant, coaches and therapists should understand what happens at this moment and what this means for the dyad relationship, indeed the change outcome? Can we as change agents force more significant moments? In this masterclass, I will be bringing all the theory and learning from my cutting edge doctoral study into insight in coaching events. This class will help you develop your insight coaching so you can be even more effective and in time more successful!


Learning Objectives: By the end of this masterclass you will:


  • Understand how to identify significant, insight moments in conversation, coaching and therapy.
  • Understand the impact of insight moments on both coach/therapist and client. 
  • Develop your insight coaching skill set.
  • Develop an insight listening skill set. 


Course Structure: Limited to 6 delegates, this exclusive masterclass event is being held  in the heart of the magnificent New Forest at the Bartley Lodge Hotel in Lyndhurst. The day will begin with coffee at 9am and will consist of lectures, seminars and coaching practice in order to implement the theory. The day will close at 5pm. 

Complimentary refreshments and lunch included. Parking is available. Venue adress: Pikes Hill, Lyndhurst SO43 7AS


Name of trainer: Dr. Iain Lightfoot MSc, DHyp, FHEA, MNCH


Tel bookings: 07970977146

Email bookings:



Cost of Course: £279.99 


Refund Policy: Eventbrite fees are non-refundable. Your fee also includes a 20% non-refundable deposit.  


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