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‘Hack my metabolism’! Becoming Metabolically flexible

Dr Iain Lightfoot on Wed 16 Feb


I have begun to go further down the rabbit hole which is understanding how to lose weight and gain more energy with the help of technology! 


 Follow my journey! 

Post Covid therapy

Dr Iain Lightfoot on Thu 16 Jul

The social lockdown has invcreased the number of anxiety and depression cases.  This BLOG explores the triggers and potential strategic options to improve COVID19 mental health. 

Coaching Books

Dr Iain Lightfoot on Thu 13 Jun


I often get asked what books on coaching that I would recommend? This week's blog answers this question... I am also providing an accompanying video. 

Sleep Issues

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 1 Apr

Lack of sleep makes us irritable and in some cases much more at risk to series diseases... People can be angry, tired, stressed and simply fed up by the lack of sleep. 


In this week's blog I talk about these things and some steps to avoid sleeplessness... 

Quitting Smoking

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 11 Feb

In this blog I talk about quitting smoking. This is a topic that I am really passionate about helping people to do. Once the veil is lifted there’s no turning back – you discover the truth behind something and there’s no way that information can be ignored or forgotten.


Iain Lightfoot on Wed 2 Jan


Are you in a role that means you are likely to be getting stressed this coming year? Ever wanted to try, or have tried meditation but not got on with it? Then this 3 minute read - blog - is for you...


Iain Lightfoot on Wed 14 Nov

Ever suffered from the guilt of not being good enough? Feel that everything needs to be perfect at all times or that you can not stop until perfection exists?


Please enjoy this latest blog on perfection...

Positive Energy

Iain Lightfoot on Tue 2 Oct

Key to Success

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 29 Aug

Children do not see the barriers and have the self-limiting beliefs that adults have.  Some may say that children aren’t aware of the realistic way of the world and the challenges of goal setting and working towards success. Read more about Lewis and his success.

Identifying Decline

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 20 Jun

Ever been to a seaside town and seen the decline? Wondered why? What does this mean for us? 




Iain Lightfoot on Sun 17 Dec

Ever wanted to learn how to meditate? This week's blog will be for you! 


I know you will enjoy it.


Iain Lightfoot on Sun 3 Dec


Have you been looking for hypnotherapy or in fact any therapy? Do you want to know how many sessions you may need?

Please read this week's blog...

Formula 1

Iain Lightfoot on Sat 4 Nov

Aryton Senna versus Nigel Mansell, 1992, Monaco Grand Prix... 


Enjoy my blog...

Language in Therapy

Iain Lightfoot on Sun 29 Oct

Have you ever stopped to listen to what people are really saying?


This week's blog provides a brief insight into the language awareness of the coach... 

Virtual Reality

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 18 Oct

An update on the adoption of Virtual Reality in hypnotherapy...


Great results and happy clients...

VR & Hypnotherapy

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 4 Oct

In a few short days, thoughtlounge will be launching a range of new support services... 

I am about to utilize Virtual Reality to support the 

Not The Droids

Iain Lightfoot on Fri 15 Sep


Ever wondered how someone has sold you something that you really didn't want? A car? Fridge-freezer or washing-machine et cetera? 

My lastest blog discuss this very thing...

Mobile Phone Addiction

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 13 Sep


Are you a mobile phone zombie? The majority of us are and we don't even know it...

How Does It Make You Feel

Iain Lightfoot on Thu 31 Aug

Events of the past weekend were in complete balance... did you get caught up in the Lidl promotion? 

Read on for my negative and then positive journey... 


Iain Lightfoot on Tue 25 Jul


Stress is costing companies thousands of pounds in lost revenue and productivity, sick pay and benefits.  

Are we spending on the right things? How much does a programme cost, what levels of support are there? Who is doing what?

If you are suffering from decreased profits due to absence, please do read this weeks blog. 

Hypnosis Signs

Iain Lightfoot on Thu 13 Jul


Have you ever wondered what being in hypnosis is like?  This week's blog aims to answer that question. 


Working with SAMFM

Iain Lightfoot on Sat 8 Jul


I was asked by SAM FM to work with one of the presenters - this is a clip of the feedback on air - 30 June 2017.

Thank you to SAM FM and the team.

Hypnosis Excerpt

Iain Lightfoot on Sat 8 Jul

This short excerpt was recorded on 8 July 2017 at my UK, Southampton office.  

It is intended to provide an example of what you may hear during a hypnosis session. It is not a hypnosis inducing clip nor was it intended to be.  It is best listened to with headphones. 

Please see youtube for credits. 


Thank you to Steve Snodgrass for the image

The Mind is Free

Iain Lightfoot on Thu 22 Jun

Sometimes everything that we fear is in our own mind.  We have created our own prison so to speak.  Trying to set ourselves free is just so difficult... 


That is the subject of my blog this week.


Please enjoy...

déjà vu

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 3 May

Do you feel as though you are stuck in a rut? Well, read on... I agree that most people are!

Too Familiar for us British?

Iain Lightfoot on Sun 23 Apr

Have you ever been to Starbuck's and ordered a drink?  You know how they put you name on the cup and then when it is ready they shout your name?  Well, in a recent post on LinkedIN it was suggested that this is similar to the training environment... This is the subject of this week's blog...

Things break

Iain Lightfoot on Sat 18 Mar

What is it that gets you down - simple little things like the washing machine every now and then going to Fault or perhaps you have to switch on the TV twice - you have the power to do something about these things before they become an issue...

Ghosts of the Past

Iain Lightfoot on Tue 21 Feb

In this article, I share with you my experience of my passion for motorsport and what this means for me today.  Could this be the beginning of a new era of health and fitness?  I guess so!


Iain Lightfoot on Sat 7 Jan

Ever wondered about luck?  Missed opportunities?

I discuss luck and what I think that it could be... 



Who am I?

Iain Lightfoot on Sat 3 Dec

Nico Rosberg retires from F1 - shock - but what does this tell us about us and our choices? 

How in control are we?  Are we free? Can we make choices happily?

Christmas Message

Iain Lightfoot on Thu 1 Dec

This week's blog is about how Christmas can bring about feelings of not being good enough... Of feeling low and how we feel the need to create the perfect Christmas.  

You are not alone and you are not at fault. 

Time to Change

Iain Lightfoot on Fri 18 Nov


Many people will go through their lives with a certain something hanging over them.  This could be a fear of animals or maybe you drink or eat too much, perhaps you feel guilty, embarrassed or ashamed or even just too angry... There is an infinity of things which could be impacting on your life right now..

These things do not have to be a part of your life if you chose to let them go... Read more about positive change in this week's blog.


Symptoms of work Stress

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 19 Oct

Due you think that you are suffering from work place or work induced stress?  If you are unsure, read this week's article and have a look at the symptoms.

Change with Hypnotherapy

Iain Lightfoot on Thu 22 Sep

Today, the Chan-Zuckerberg initiative was launched. Spending $3B to help fight and prevent disease - but what about today, what about now, what can we do? 

Change in F1

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 25 Jul

The recent radio rule changes in F1 have caused some serious thinking and embarrassment of the rule makers.  What's been going on?  What messages do we take from it? 

breaking Habits

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 20 Jul


How do we change?  How long does it take?  I have looked at some of the research out there at the moment to see if there are any real answers to those questions.

Sports Performance Improvement

Iain Lightfoot on Tue 7 Jun

Do you dream of playing a better round of golf or is your football team looking to really take off into the future?

Read this week's blog to understand how a combination of coaching, hypnosis can unlock your potential and take your sport to new levels.

Hypnotherapy as an Aide to Stroke Rehab

Iain Lightfoot on Tue 10 May

Having worked with a victim of stroke - Here is an article that I wrote from the Journal of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. 

I hope that you find the article interesting and can begin to understand the power of the hypnotic process in action. 

Hypnotized by Nature

Iain Lightfoot on Sun 8 May

Hello and welcome to this week's blog. 

It's about two things - gaining energy from forgotten activity and looking at things from a different perspective. 



Can I be hypnotised?

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 25 Apr

I have been asked a number of times about how easy it may be to attain a level of hypnotic trance - I answer this question in this week's blog.

Please enjoy.



Belief makes all the difference

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 11 Apr

On 11th April 1993, Aryton Senna won the European F1 Grand Prix at the Donington Park circuit , England.

Senna was never meant to win this race.  In a car which was technologically behind the curve, down on engine power and on a circuit that hadn't been raced before in Formula 1, he showed that he had something that was very special - belief.  


How to be happier at work.

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 29 Feb

Having to spend so long at work in a stressful environment may fill you with dread.  Yet, it doesn't have to be this way, things can be different...

Why worry

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 15 Feb

There are so many people that worry about the world we live in. From wars in distant (and not so distant) lands to which celebrity has done what with who... 

For some this type of worrying has become a way of life and their anxiety rises as they think and worry about every scenario... 

When you realise that there is nothing you can do, you worry less and life becomes one for living.

What do you want?

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 4 Jan

A number of years ago I gave a presentation to new servicemen; it was part of an initiative designed to get the trainees thinking about their future Naval service and to inspire them to be the very best they could be. My presentation was based upon some observations I had across all levels of Naval personnel, from junior sailors all the way through to the officer corps.


This TED type talk was based upon their wishing their lives away...

New Year's resolutions

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 30 Dec

Each year about 25 million people in the United Kingdom will consider making a New Year’s resolution. Why would we choose January 1st as the date to start? Why didn’t we start yesterday or even today? The truth is, no matter what the origin, people do like drawing a ‘line in the sand’ and having something to aim for. Yet potentially waiting till the start of the New Year could actually be sabotaging our efforts to make the changes that you actually desire.  Out of those 25 million people it is only likely that only 2 million people, or 8%, will statistically achieve success.

Complete phobia list

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 9 Dec

Having worked with phobias for such a long time, I decided to see how many phobias there are and what the subject of each phobia was.  Please read on to find a complete list of phobias.

Stress at work

Iain Lightfoot on Tue 17 Nov

Discovering that 39% of all work-related illnesses were due to stress and that 244,000 new cases of work-related stress were diagnosed last year I decided to see what the NHS reported about stress. They say that “anxiety, stress and depression are behind one in 5 visits to a GP” caused by work pressure, lack of support from managers and work-related violence and bullying.

Don't want to quit?

Iain Lightfoot on Tue 13 Oct



Well don't... I mean, it is your life after all... but, if you'd be willing, and only if you want to - perhaps you would read the rest of the page?


Iain Lightfoot on Wed 12 Aug

#Th1nK - is the hashtag I have assigned to my vision.  To reach one thousand people within a 3 year period...

Left alone & not coping

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 29 Jun

Hypnotherapy can provide a quick, effective, positive result. In most cases you will see change and a difference in one top two sessions and you will get deeper insights into your own beliefs.  I will work with you to support you through to normal life, like everyone else. I have helped many people regain confidence, eliminate sadness and the feeling of hopelessness following a relationship slit. Everything you say to me is in complete confidence.

How to Relax

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 15 Jun

An instant stress relief video.

A history of Harley Street

Iain Lightfoot on Thu 9 Apr


As you will no doubt already be aware, Harley Street plays host to some of the most sought after private specialists in both medicine and surgery. As well as working in Southampton, I am also available by appointment in the city of London, perfectly positioned on Harley Street for anyone looking for an experienced and dedicated Hypnotherapist who cares about their clients and goes that extra mile to support them.

In the full article I explain a little bit about Harley Street, why you should come here, and a bit about my future here working as a Hypnotherapist. Please take the time to read what I have written and you will soon understand and value Harley Street as a centre of excellence and why so many people choose to come here for Hypnotherapy.


Ethics in therapy

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 2 Mar

Everyone has differing levels of internal conscience and values, is this an article which is subconsciously asking for regulation in unregulated industries? Do we need the intervention of the law? Is selecting a therapy similar to that of "traditionally" selecting a tradesman? Whilst I am content that I am professional and do my CPD and have a great supervisor I would urge all members of the public to seek therapists that hold professional accreditation, insurance and that come with recommends. For everyone else, I urge you to reflect on your own business and ask:

"Am I doing things right? Would I happily buy goods/services from me?"

Dame Kelly Holmes endorses hypnotherapy

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 2 Mar

Dame Kelly Holmes was asked to undergo a course of hypnotherapy for her fear of water.  She stated, like many clients, that she was a "bit skeptical" at first and thought of the therapist as someone who would wear a long black cloak, and would be wearing a top hat and be instantly hypnotising her on-sight by using energy coming from the pointed finger tips. 

As with most clients, her fear was said to be extreme and the session took 2 hours.  Afterwards, Dame Kelly Holmes actually went swimming because she “…felt she needed to try…” and successfully learnt how to front crawl and did a number of lengths. When asked to rate hypnotherapy she stated “… 10 out of 10, definitely!

Anxiety disorder and empathy

Iain Lightfoot on Thu 4 Dec

When my clients are in session with me, they sometimes ask "as a Hypnotherapist who specialism is in working with clients who have anxieties, do you actually know how I am feeling?"

This of course is a very relevant question - do I understand my clients condition and therefore their needs? Therefore, do I know how to treat them?  You may feel like you are on your own and no-one understands... anxiety is, unfortunately, as wide spread as it is self-limiting and I have worked with so many people that I can say that I do understand your condition enough to support your journey through treatment to it's conclusion.

I would like to share Kady Morrisons story (licensed under creative commons - thank you Kady) about anxiety and her journey thus far.

Rebecca's story

The charity "Mind" on Wed 19 Nov

The following story has been taken from the charity Mind.  It tells the story of one ladies journey through traumatic events which led to her anxiety.

Types of anxiety

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 8 Oct

It is easy to say that you have anxiety - but there are so many different ways of calling anxiety, anxiety...

Trouble sleeping? Do you use an iPad before sleep?

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 22 May

For those who enjoy reading from the Kindle App or watching TV in bed, it would seem that exposure to the screen light is disrupting our natural body clock or "circadian rhythm".

This is because the "blue light" used in television, computer and tablet screens can be disruptive to sleep patterns more so than the traditional incandescent lighting.

Experts claim that be limiting the body's exposure to blue light could help with insomnia and other sleep issues.   

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