Coronavirus Precautions and Advice

We are living in unprecedented times. Given the concern about Coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to let you know what I am doing to keep you safe when you come in to see me, also, what you can do to help.
What we are doing

Following advice for clinics from Public Health England, I have taken the following measures: 

•    I am regularly cleaning surfaces throughout the office including desks, doors, door handles and tables. 
•    I am regularly washing and disinfecting hands thoroughly throughout the day. I am no longer shaking hands as a greeting. 
•    Hand sanitiser is available for your use whilst you are here and I will invite you to use it on arrival.
•    I ask that clients wash their hands before entering the practice.

In addition, I enforce a 2 metre social separation, use bottled water, individual tissue packets - air the room between sessions. 


What you can do

•    I am asking anyone who is ill, especially those experiencing a fever and a new continuous cough, to call to let me know on 07970977146, and not attend the appointment.

•    I request that those who have been in contact with an infected person or have recently been to a high risk country, call me on 07970977146 and not attend their appointment.


These measures will minimise the risk of passing on an infection. By taking a few sensible precautions and working together we can reduce the risk of infection, reduce the disruption to daily life and ensure that everyone who needs to see us is safe. 


In addition, I am asking high risk - vulnerable clients to book and use 'facetime' or 'skype' as a medium rather than 1:1 sessions. 

Phone consultations and advice

If you are not feeling well enough to attend your appointment, have chosen to self-isolate, or practise social distancing, please note that I am happy to offer sessions over the phone - I am also highlighting MP3 availability.

The health and well being of my clients and their families is of the utmost importance to me so I will continue to follow government guidelines as and when they are updated and update my practice policies accordingly.

Best regards, 

Iain Lightfoot 


For advice from the NHS about Coronavirus (COVID-19) see

For guidance information from the government see

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