Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Southampton

There may be many reasons why you would like to lose weight. Perhaps you have reached the stage where you no longer want an unhealthy life?

Do you wish to adopt a healthy lifestyle, maybe even coupled with fitness, but struggle with cravings and motivation?

What ever the reason, using hypnotherapy I can assist in releasing excess weight and letting your body assume its natural size and shape and one that's just right for you. 


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How much sugar should you eat daily?

It is recommended that you consume around only 24 grams of added sugar (6-7 tsps).  When you consider that food labels only show total sugars, and a bottle of Cola (500ml leading brand) contains 54 grams we have become a nation in trouble, both with our weight and our health.  

Food manufacturers use Fructose Corn Syrup (the real enemy as it's cheap and 10 times as sweet) in so many foods.

How do I begin to lose weight?

I do feel that sugar could be the main cause of a lot of people's weight loss issues - and society is not even aware of the wider dangers. However, I do consider a whole holistic case history with regards to weight, emotions, eating patterns etc. to ensure that we utilize the correct treatment in order for the individual to release weight and feel happier and healthier.

I will take a complete background review to understand what exact treatments are right for you in hypnosis.

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