Dr Iain Lightfoot, Southampton Clinical Hypnotherapist


As a professional clinical hypnotherapist in Southampton, my vision is to be the number one go to provider of clinical hypnotherapy and coaching in Southampton and then Hampshire.

My mission is to support and assist 500 people every year to experience positive change and provide a happy and normal life free from issue.



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Dr Iain Lightfoot MSc DHyp MNCH

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach


My journey to Hypnotherapy began about 10 years ago when I first discovered coaching.  In my core role I had always advocated the development of my team but then I found that there was a name for it.  In the pursuit of excellence and learning I realised that guided meditation and visualisation helped my clients gain immeasurably from coaching sessions - Identifying that I could help them gain more in life from reducing personal problems I wanted to be able to help them more in a counselling/therapeutic fashion.  For me credibility and excellence are very important and so I chose and gained the highest Clinical Hypnotherapy qualifications that I could.  Imagine my surprise when, hypnosis didn't just assist my coaching - more so, my coaching skills benefited my Hypnotherapy skills... I have never looked back and now I could not see myself doing anything else! 

I have been delivering significant change in people, teams and projects for over 10+ years and  its great that my clients realise the significant benefits of working with me.  I use a really fluid natural, intuitive style of reflective therapy and coaching which, for the best results, has to be based upon mutual honesty, trust, respect and openness with each other.  I provoke deep thought and I ask a client to focus on creating innovative and workable solutions for themselves whilst exploring new options and ideas. When we work together, I will do everything to ignite that which motivates you, to give you confidence and, to fully support you 24 hours a day if necessary, to ensure success.  I offer therapy and coaching across all organisational levels and I readily adapt my approach and expert techniques to match both the situation and the uniqueness of my clients.

I am tremendously passionate about CPD and learning. Alongside delivering hypnosis, NLP and coaching, I am a Doctorate of Coaching and Mentoring gained at Oxford Brookes University. My area of interest and research is 'Exploring the events that contain insight within coaching sessions; identifying structures through experiences. I am passionate about learning and using academic skills to further increase the effectiveness of my therapy and coaching. 

Call 07970 977146 for your FREE - confidential consultation or email me at - info@thoughtlounge.co.uk

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