Expert Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking in Southampton

Working with smokers in Southampton and Hampshire is what I consider to be one of the most important aspects of my work. I have produced a stop smoking package which really can work for you like it has worked for so many others.  There is no better time to stop and your quitting, stopping for good is vitally important to me.
Over my years of practice, I have discovered a simple but unique ‘key to unlock change’ which I have used to help so many people with habits and what people would identify as addictions, i.e. Nicotene… 
I stopped smoking myself with hypnotherapy back in April 1998 - from 20+ a day to nothing instantly. Perhaps this saved my life? However, because of this I know what you are going through when you try to quit and when nothing seems to work; for me, Hypnotherapy WAS the answer and I know through my own personal experience that it was very effective. Simply put - I want you to be an ex-smoker NOW like myself, to be free from smoke, tobacco and nicotine. You may be sceptical, and that is fine... just have an open mind and hate smoking, i.e. WANT to quit
Since 2012 I have helped so many people, perhaps hundereds, to quit, and stop smoking for good with hypnotherapy; I want to work with everyone who wishes to quit! All I ask is that you want to stop and quit for good.   Call me right now… let's begin the journey into your healthier, smoke free future.  
My recommendation:
Contact me now, book the first & seconds sessions, download the eBook and MP3… I suspect that within days you will be tobacco free! 

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