Overcome Your Fear of Flying Quickly with Hypnotherapy

Overcome Fear Of Flying with thoughtlounge Clinical Hypnotherapy



Are you plagued by anxiety and fear at the mere thought of boarding an airplane? You're not alone. It has been suggested that up to 5% of the UK population has a fear of flying, that's perhaps 3.4 million people, and according to the media those figures are getting worse every year. A Fear of flying, nervous flying or flight anxiety is also known as aviophobia.


How do you feel when you think about flying? 

Do you feel nervous, panicky or think you may have a panic attack on the plane? 

Do you feel trapped when the door closes?

Has the thought of flying meant you do not travel abroad?

Does the thought of turbulence, take off or landing cause you to feel nervous or highly anxious? 


Do not let this fear control your life. Hypnotherapy offers an effective way to conquer your fear and reclaim your freedom to travel.



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I WANT to be able to Fly without Fear

Imagine the frustration of missing out on family gatherings or milestone celebrations because the thought of stepping onto a plane induces panic. Consider the toll it takes on your mental health, feeling trapped by this fear, unable to explore the world or take advantage of professional opportunities that could propel your career forward. It's not just your life affected; it's the shared experiences, the moments with loved ones, and the cherished memories that remain uncreated due to this fear.

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