Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

In this section I answer the most commonly asked questions about hypnotherapy. 


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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Call 07970 977146 for your FREE - confidential consultation or email me at - info@thoughtlounge.co.uk

It is said that 99% of people can enter hypnosis.  Of the population, 10% are said to be have low susceptibility whilst 80% have a medium (normal response) whilst the remaining 10% are extremely susceptible!  Even if you are skeptical you can be hypnotised, however, if you do not wish to be hypnotised, then you won't be - simple as that.  There may be other reasons but I will explain that in the session.  


Hypnosis is a state of altered consciousness whereas hypnotherapy is the term given to therapy which uses hypnosis as a tool used to enable positive change.

Yes, hypnosis, and hypnotherapy, is a completely natural and safe state to be in and one which happens naturally at different times of the day.  You will not say or do anything that you do not wish to. This is professional, clinical hypnotherapy and not stage hypnotism.  In fact, everything is controlled by you to get the results you seek from the session. 

It is extremely likely and the vast majority of people do - unless you have a very deep hypnotic experience or drift off dreaming about something else.  There are many stages of hypnosis from light to deep trance - all levels have therapeutic benefit.

I will talk to you and facilitate self-hypnosis - follow my words and let yourself really let go and relax - deeply.  It is as easy as that.

You mean like making you bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken?  Maybe, but certainly not by me. You choose what you do and what you don't do and I certainly will NOT be doing anything other than serious theraputic hypnotherapy.

Wonderfully relaxing, like a day-dream state and it is such a nice feeling of peace and calm.

Yes, hypnosis is very real. I have seen such powerful changes and positive results that I know that this type of therapy is very very powerful and beneficial to so many people.

Hypnosis is not sleep - we call it sleep, but the truth is you are in an altered state of awareness and not asleep - I would suggest that it is the region between aware and asleep.  


Occasionally a client may get so relaxed and fall asleep, especially if they are tired or not sleeping well.  Do not worry, I am able to tell the difference between deep hypnosis and sleeping. If you do fall asleep, I will help you return to the correct state.   

There are no downsides to hypnosis. You may feel tired, relaxed and quite often invigorated, as well as the change that we have been working towards.

No, you can't get stuck in hypnosis.  You will be able to return from the state of hypnosis without any issues.

Sometimes you may be so relaxed you may not wish to, but there has never been any one who has stuck in hypnosis.

Well, there is much much more to hypnosis than simply making a few suggestions and that's that!  The real desire to change coupled with hypnosis is very powerful indeed. If there isn't that desire or at least a great commitment to the changes then I am afraid that it is unlikely to work - you must desire the change.

It is said by hypnotherapists that people try hypnosis when they have tried everything else. Yet, hypnosis gains fast results and creates permanent positive change.

Many clients wish they had hypnotherapy first before they tried everything else.

My hypnotherapy sessions & fees.

Call 07970 977146 for your FREE - confidential consultation or email me at - info@thoughtlounge.co.uk

The first session is usually 90 - 120 minutes and the fee includes all research, preparation and post-session work.  Follow on sessions last 60 minutes up to 90 minutes. Should a client request longer, fees are then charged at session rates per half an hour.

On Harley Street, the session lasts 100 minutes for the first session and 50 minutes for subsequent session - termed the theraputic hour on the street.


This is a good question and its impossible to say - sometimes it will take one session, whilst others may require more.  What is vitally important is that there IS change, that you begin to have a quality of life and feel normality once again; I work on a session by session basis and I prefer the client to drive the number of sessions.  If you feel that you do not need more than one, its safe to say you don't.

My promise to you is that I will do everything I can to make real, lasting, and sustainable in as few sessions as is needed. 

Your confidentiality is extremely important. The information you provide is important as it directs your treatment, however, this goes no further. The only exceptions to this are, if I believe that there is danger to life, or if instructed to by a court of law or coroner.

You may have copies of the information that I hold as I keep information securely for 8 years before destroying it in line with the medical council's guidelines.

Yes.  I am insured fully and these documents are shown to the client before any session begins.  In addition, I always ask for a signature that states that you give me permission to facilitate a state of hypnosis.  You can be assured of my full professionalism at all times.

Yes, I can and will travel if necessary.  Some clients prefer home sessions although it is usual to hold sessions at the practice.

Excessive travel time (>20 minutes) will be charged at fuel cost plus half session rate.  All fees will be agreed before hand to ensure clients know the total cost of the session in advance.

Smoking cessation is a treatment package.  To get the right support you need, covered within the fee is the first double session, and also for a subsequent 2 hour session.

I am an experienced hypnotherapist and coach who has invested a lot of time in getting qualified at the highest levels.  I hold the NCH and CNCH accreditation and membership which allows me to take NHS referrals and I am listed on the Accredited Register.  I feel that I provide value for money when compared to other therapists most of whom are not as accredited, experienced, as effective or as professional.

I guarantee to support you during our time together, including follow-up calls and strict adherence to ethics - I will not recommend therapy if I do not deem it beneficial. 

Simply, there is an increased overhead associated with working on Harley Street. If you would like to travel to Southampton please do let me know. 

Although I have a high success rate, hypnotherapy is not guaranteed as there are many human factors involved, eg, a client's desire to change.  The fess are therefore based upon my time and not the outcome.

My promise to you is that I will do everything I can to make real, lasting, and sustainable in as few sessions as is needed. 

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