Believe in yourself; Even when others don't

McLaren MP4/8 photographed by Ben Sutherland (Flickr 15 July 2014)
on Mon 11 Apr


I was looking for a subject for this week's blog when I was reminded of something that I often think about.  Here is the story. On the weekend of the 9-11 April 1993, it was one of those moments in time when the world was allowed to witness an event so special that it remains in the hearts of those who saw history unfold... However, there is an underlying, core message which deserves to be told and heard. 


During qualifying, the mighty, and dominant Williams Renaults were placed 1-2 on the grid - Alain Prost with a time of 1:24.467 and Damon Hill behind him on 1:24.014  A little further down the field, almost an age away in 4th position was Senna in the McLaren MP4/8 and some 1.649 seconds behind the set pole time. Many, including me, believed that the Williams cars would vanish into the distance and win, the battle was for essentially for reliability and 3rd place - how the wet weather and talent would change the outcome.


Dropping to 5th at the start he (Senna) cautiously overtook Schumacher for 4th place at the first corner... Then at the Craner Curves, only a few hundred metres ahead it was the turn of Karl Wedlinger's Sauber to be passed...  With a great deal of exit speed, the next to be passed was Damon hill's Williams... Only Prost then to be passed for the lead which, happened at the Melbourne Hairpin - all this in the opening lap, less than 4 Kms...  


The weather improved during the race before it rained again and Senna held onto take the Conquered Flag and the podium's top step that Sunday - an incredible perfromance. 


Apart from the display of a very special talent - Senna knew that although he was down on power and having a car that was technologically behind, he had the ability within himself - a sense of certainty, of confidence, and of belief.  


This belief is what is inside everyone of us, just waiting to help us all, the inner resource that motivates us to perform when it seems that everything's against us, sometimes its hidden away. 


How do we unlock this magic? - the belief - the persistence - the vision - the expectation - the true knowing... I believe through hypnosis and coaching.


If you would like help to unlock this inner magic, contact me. Positive results and positive change is what thoughtlounge was created for. Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Coaching.  

Enjoy the following video - for me, it is the greatest lap in F1 history.

Due to F1 Management restrictions, this video can only be seen at the following link (Please left click and open in new page): 


Thanks to Ben Sutherland for the photograph of Senna's McLaren MP4/8 (15 July 2014).


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