Virtual Reality

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 18 Oct

An update on the adoption of Virtual Reality in hypnotherapy...


Great results and happy clients...

VR & Hypnotherapy

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 4 Oct

In a few short days, thoughtlounge will be launching a range of new support services... 

I am about to utilize Virtual Reality to support the 

The Mind is Free

Iain Lightfoot on Thu 22 Jun

Sometimes everything that we fear is in our own mind.  We have created our own prison so to speak.  Trying to set ourselves free is just so difficult... 


That is the subject of my blog this week.


Please enjoy...

Complete phobia list

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 9 Dec

Having worked with phobias for such a long time, I decided to see how many phobias there are and what the subject of each phobia was.  Please read on to find a complete list of phobias.

Dame Kelly Holmes endorses hypnotherapy

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 2 Mar

Dame Kelly Holmes was asked to undergo a course of hypnotherapy for her fear of water.  She stated, like many clients, that she was a "bit skeptical" at first and thought of the therapist as someone who would wear a long black cloak, and would be wearing a top hat and be instantly hypnotising her on-sight by using energy coming from the pointed finger tips. 

As with most clients, her fear was said to be extreme and the session took 2 hours.  Afterwards, Dame Kelly Holmes actually went swimming because she “…felt she needed to try…” and successfully learnt how to front crawl and did a number of lengths. When asked to rate hypnotherapy she stated “… 10 out of 10, definitely!

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