Understanding Anxiety

Dr Iain Lightfoot on Tue 30 Jan


Anxiety, a pervasive and complex condition, transcends mere stress, presenting as a persistent sense of apprehension that can severely disrupt daily life. It manifests in various forms, including Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Specific Phobias, often exacerbated by modern life's pressures and societal expectations. The surge in anxiety cases is partly due to a decreasing stigma around mental health, encouraging more individuals to seek help. The impact of unchecked anxiety is profound, potentially hindering work, relationships, and overall well-being. However, hypnotherapy emerges as a promising intervention, offering a path to calm. As a hypnotherapist in Southampton, I employ this technique to guide clients into a deeply relaxed state, enabling direct communication with the subconscious mind. This process uncovers and addresses the root causes of anxiety, facilitating a profound transformation. Hypnotherapy not only induces relaxation but also embeds positive changes and coping mechanisms, empowering individuals to manage their anxiety, reclaim their lives, and navigate towards a state of peace and control.

Rethinking the Value of Likes

Dr Iain Lightfoot on Fri 3 Nov


This article provides an insightful perspective on the growing issue of social media-induced anxiety, particularly the obsession with accumulating likes. As a hypnotherapist I offer a balanced and practical approach, emphasising the importance of authentic self-worth and mindful engagement with digital platforms.

Post Covid therapy

Dr Iain Lightfoot on Thu 16 Jul

The social lockdown has invcreased the number of anxiety and depression cases.  This BLOG explores the triggers and potential strategic options to improve COVID19 mental health. 


Iain Lightfoot on Wed 14 Nov

Ever suffered from the guilt of not being good enough? Feel that everything needs to be perfect at all times or that you can not stop until perfection exists?


Please enjoy this latest blog on perfection...

Virtual Reality

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 18 Oct

An update on the adoption of Virtual Reality in hypnotherapy...


Great results and happy clients...

VR & Hypnotherapy

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 4 Oct

In a few short days, thoughtlounge will be launching a range of new support services... 

I am about to utilize Virtual Reality to support the 

The Mind is Free

Iain Lightfoot on Thu 22 Jun

Sometimes everything that we fear is in our own mind.  We have created our own prison so to speak.  Trying to set ourselves free is just so difficult... 


That is the subject of my blog this week.


Please enjoy...

déjà vu

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 3 May

Do you feel as though you are stuck in a rut? Well, read on... I agree that most people are!

Christmas Message

Iain Lightfoot on Thu 1 Dec

This week's blog is about how Christmas can bring about feelings of not being good enough... Of feeling low and how we feel the need to create the perfect Christmas.  

You are not alone and you are not at fault. 

Symptoms of work Stress

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 19 Oct

Due you think that you are suffering from work place or work induced stress?  If you are unsure, read this week's article and have a look at the symptoms.

Why worry

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 15 Feb

There are so many people that worry about the world we live in. From wars in distant (and not so distant) lands to which celebrity has done what with who... 

For some this type of worrying has become a way of life and their anxiety rises as they think and worry about every scenario... 

When you realise that there is nothing you can do, you worry less and life becomes one for living.

Anxiety disorder and empathy

Iain Lightfoot on Thu 4 Dec

When my clients are in session with me, they sometimes ask "as a Hypnotherapist who specialism is in working with clients who have anxieties, do you actually know how I am feeling?"

This of course is a very relevant question - do I understand my clients condition and therefore their needs? Therefore, do I know how to treat them?  You may feel like you are on your own and no-one understands... anxiety is, unfortunately, as wide spread as it is self-limiting and I have worked with so many people that I can say that I do understand your condition enough to support your journey through treatment to it's conclusion.

I would like to share Kady Morrisons story (licensed under creative commons - thank you Kady) about anxiety and her journey thus far.

Rebecca's story

The charity "Mind" on Wed 19 Nov

The following story has been taken from the charity Mind.  It tells the story of one ladies journey through traumatic events which led to her anxiety.

Types of anxiety

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 8 Oct

It is easy to say that you have anxiety - but there are so many different ways of calling anxiety, anxiety...


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