Handshake or Contract

Dr Iain Lightfoot on Sat 1 Apr

Honouring agreements with a handshake establishes trust, promotes open communication, and fosters transparency in business dealings, which can be more valuable than the short-term gains of a money-oriented approach.


What is a handshake deal? Are these too 'yesterday'?


I explore the phenomenon and ask was I too naïve or should I still work to trust and honour? 

Left alone & not coping

Iain Lightfoot on Mon 29 Jun

Hypnotherapy can provide a quick, effective, positive result. In most cases you will see change and a difference in one top two sessions and you will get deeper insights into your own beliefs.  I will work with you to support you through to normal life, like everyone else. I have helped many people regain confidence, eliminate sadness and the feeling of hopelessness following a relationship slit. Everything you say to me is in complete confidence.

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