Hypnotherapy: Pathway to Resilient Happiness

Dr Iain Lightfoot on Tue 19 Mar


Happiness transcends fleeting emotions, encompassing resilience and a profound sense of contentment through life's challenges. Hypnotherapy emerges as a powerful tool in fostering resilience and adaptability, enabling individuals to swiftly return to states of acceptance and well-being after adversity. This approach not only offers a pathway to enrich emotional landscapes but also empowers a mindset shift towards sustainable happiness and fulfilment, underscoring hypnotherapy's significance in personal development and emotional health.

An Early Meeting

Dr Iain Lightfoot on Thu 4 Jan


In "A Serendipitous Morning: Rekindling Bonds at a Cherished Workplace," a chance morning encounter at a former workplace leads to a heartwarming reunion between old military colleagues. The story beautifully captures the essence of enduring friendships formed in the military, emphasizing the unbreakable bonds, shared experiences, and the significance of kindness and camaraderie. This unexpected meeting serves as a poignant reminder of the lasting impact such relationships have, underscoring the importance of cherishing and maintaining these connections over time.


Iain Lightfoot on Wed 2 Jan


Are you in a role that means you are likely to be getting stressed this coming year? Ever wanted to try, or have tried meditation but not got on with it? Then this 3 minute read - blog - is for you...


Iain Lightfoot on Wed 14 Nov

Ever suffered from the guilt of not being good enough? Feel that everything needs to be perfect at all times or that you can not stop until perfection exists?


Please enjoy this latest blog on perfection...

Positive Energy

Iain Lightfoot on Tue 2 Oct

Key to Success

Iain Lightfoot on Wed 29 Aug

Children do not see the barriers and have the self-limiting beliefs that adults have.  Some may say that children aren’t aware of the realistic way of the world and the challenges of goal setting and working towards success. Read more about Lewis and his success.


Iain Lightfoot on Sun 17 Dec

Ever wanted to learn how to meditate? This week's blog will be for you! 


I know you will enjoy it.


Iain Lightfoot on Sat 7 Jan

Ever wondered about luck?  Missed opportunities?

I discuss luck and what I think that it could be... 




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