Try Meditation To Reduce Stress

on Wed 2 Jan

Hello and happy 2019!


Where did that last year go to? Seriously, that year just passed by so quickly it was frightening. I hope that everyone had a nice time this season. I certainly did, it was the end of a long year and the culmination of a huge project that I had been working on – more about that in the coming months.  This year I aim to publish micro blogs – that is a 2.5-3 min read where I get to the point quickly. With this in mind, off we go…


As we move further into 2019 I recognise that the majority of people will be asked to do more in the workplace, I know that I have a number of projects on going too.  This directive, either generated through management targets or simply through individual desire to achieve could cause stress. If this sounds like it could be you, take some proactive steps to well-being and do something about it. Separate work from home… Relax by doing hobbies when you can… spend time with family…. and, I am a firm advocate of, meditation! 


Whilst working with clients, I always ask if they meditate. Many tell me that they find it difficult to and that puts them off. So, I am now providing you with a method of meditating. This great method comes from Vishen Lakhiani founder of Mindvalley (link below):


Find a comfy place to sit or lie where you can relax – always set an alarm if you need to be doing something afterwards. You may well fall asleep…


  • Connect – imagine that you are immersed in a peaceful white light




  • Thanks – Be thankful for something, say thank you in your mind




  • Be the bigger person – i.e. forgive someone who has done you wrong




  • Visualise – ‘see’ what you want in the future i.e. use your imagination to ‘see’ it




  • Affirmation – pledge to be the best you can be during this day




  • Send positive energy to everyone whom you love and those you know need it


Count from 1-5 and slowly, gently open your eyes…


If this is your first meditation, keep going and percivere. This may become the biggest positive change in your life.








Credit to Hartwig HKD for the image ‘Hermit Tree’ at – image published under creative commons – no changes made.

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