Why worry when there is nothing you can do about it

on Mon 15 Feb

Hello and it's a wonderful Monday morning, sunny and fresh, 

When I was younger, I grew up in the midst of the cold war - an East vs West feeling of mistrust and the situation, one which seemed to worsen by the week, on top of this the troubles were in full swing and boy that worried me too. 

In fact everything seemed to worry me, big world political issues and then even the local issues of the day. Now, I have never suffered from anxiety over these concerns, neither have they stopped me sleeping - You could ask did I care that much? -

You see I realised at a young age that there are things in life that I could influence, who I see, where I go, what I wear and who I spend my time with and in fact, there is very little you can control. Then there are things that I can do nothing about. Stephen Covey in his Book, the 7 Habits, explains about these two are in fact termed as, the circle of influence and the circle of concern. 

IF you have a concern that is so, concerning, then you will expand your own circle of influence, through expanding your skill set or positioning yourself into the right position to deal with whatever it is... but, you can't do this for everything, you have not the time or ability to do so. 

Instead, you may choose to free yourself and realise that there are things that you can do nothing about and so, why worry anymore. Turn that energy into happiness and excel in the things that you can do something about. 

Have a wonderful week with free and happy thoughts, 

Best Wishes,



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