Introduction of Virtual Reality

on Wed 18 Oct


Hello Again,


It has been a great week since my last blog and a quick update on the VR package.


In the past few weeks I conducted a great deal of research into Virtual and Augmented Reality applications in the therapeutic world.  What initially seemed to me to be something that hadn’t been investigated, quickly turned into me partnering with a Spanish based tech company.  To my absolute surprise and delight, the company have really been leading the field in the development of virtual scenarios and environments.


Having taken delivery of the full delivery of the equipment from Barcelona, set it to work, conducted some trials and thoroughly tested every scenario, I completed additional training and commissioned it into my practice – the proof of concept was the results gained by those willing test subjects, and I must say a big thank you to those who believed in the application and had the patience while I ran the scenarios in slow time.


It is now very much business as normal in terms of hypnosis, therapy and treatments but there is now an added bonus that for a number of clients, I am now able to provide a greater confidence, in session, that their presenting issue has been eliminated or alleviated.


For one recent client, they had arrived with a life-long fear of flying.  We quickly got to the root of the problem, treated it with hypnosis and tested the new them in the Virtual World.  Another success and a happy client flying to Sunny climates for a well-deserved holiday free from nerves, the ‘creeping death’ and the massive anxiety on the aircraft.  All the clients who have used the VR world have stated how amazing they have found it. The word amazing is their words, I just happen to fully agree!


There is also an added bonus for clients in that this technology, I believe, could well reduce the number of sessions that clients would benefit from.  With a new way of testing, we can now, with a larger degree of faith, that no additional sessions are needed or that I can now compare the feedback from the bio-monitor to ascertain a % change in physiological response to the stimuli.    


I have also been given assurances that my partners are introducing new scenarios regularly, and continuing to refresh the technology in order to stay at the cutting edge of this amazing technology. I have been aware of two new virtual worlds since joining forces with them.


If you have any fears that you wish to eliminate, then please do contact me.


My best wishes




  1. Those conditions that VR can be used with currently are:
  • Acrophobia - fear of heights - we will be able to test it out utilising high-rise cityscapes, cliffs, balconies, ferris wheels and elevators.
  • Claustraphobia – fear of enclosed spaces – MRI scanner, lift, rooms both large and small.
  • Fear of flying - from taxi to the airport to landing.
  • Fear of spiders / dogs / cats / pigeons / cockroaches
  • Social Anxiety
  • Fear of Darkness
  • Fear of Needles
  • Generalised Anxiety
  • Agoraphobia – fear of crowds and open spaces
  • Fear of public speaking – from the office to the boardroom, or even broadcasted speaking.
  • OCD – around toilets and germs
  • Fear of driving and nervous passengers


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