Which Coaching Book Do I Recommend for New Coaches

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Welcome to another blog and I do hope that everyone is well. Currently, it’s a bit grey and overcast and it’s been raining for a few days but I am hoping that the sunny weather is about to return sometime soon! So many people that have worked with have asked me if there is any books I’d recommend on coaching. I always say the same thing and I thought that it’s best to release a blog about what I recommend and why.


The book I’m recommending on coaching, is Julie Starr’s - the coaching manual, the definitive guide to the process, principles and skills personal coaching. In the book she explains the principles and approaches, and the skill sets needed for a coaching session. It’s relevant to business coaches but also life coaches. What I particularly like about this is the instruction, the exercises and the reflection needed to take coaching to a new level. It’s absolutely one should have on your bookshelf because if you’re a new coach this information is so relevant to you as you start your journey or if you’re more experienced coach and it’s absolutely great to re-cap, to reflect and to gain new insights into your own professional practice. Equally, if you are a client of coaching then this book gives you an understanding of the processes and procedures around coaching and by knowing this will help you get the most from your own coaching sessions.



As I stated in the video, I do advertise both the third and fourth additions which can be found at the following link:




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