A Tale of Two Paths - Smoking

on Mon 22 Apr


Once, in a vibrant city marked by its glamor and neon lights, lived Cassandra, a young, attractive woman with cerulean eyes and a wild mane of chestnut hair. Cassandra worked at a small downtown gallery; a job that left her more familiar with the smell of cigarettes than the scent of fresh paint. Each day, she faced a choice, one seemingly simple yet profound, that could provide her with two unique and starkly different paths.


Path of Freedom:


On a crisp autumn morning, Cassandra stood outside the gallery, thinking of her day ahead, a cigarette poised between her fingers. She watched the smoke curl up into the grey sky, contemplating her day ahead and once that taste of burning tobacco was ingested, she felt the shackles of addiction around her wrists—shackles formed over years of her smoking habit. By coincidence, she noticed a small flyer stuck beneath the wiper of a parked car: “Unlock Your Potential: Hypnotherapy for a Healthier You.” The image of a vibrant woman on the flyer, laughing freely atop a sunlit hill, resonated with her deeply. She yearned for that freedom, why was it that she never was able to simply stop? Whyt did she feel the need to do this to herself?

With a resolute flick, Cassandra extinguished her cigarette and stored it back in her pack—a symbolic gesture. That afternoon, she booked an appointment with the hypnotherapist advertised on the flyer. The sessions were intriguing; through guided hypnosis, the therapist helped her navigate through her subconscious, untangling the deep-seated roots of her addiction.

After 2 hours, and some reinforcement, her desire for cigarettes faded. Her senses became revived—the world seemed brighter, food tasted richer, and breaths cleaner and deeper. The money once spent on cigarettes now flowed into her savings account. Energised and clear-headed, Cassandra took bold steps forward. She invested wisely with her savings, and when the opportunity arose, she bought the gallery from its retiring owner.

Years later, Cassandra’s life was unrecognizable from her smoking days. Financially prosperous and physically robust, she kept fit through running, travelled the world, and her gallery had become a cornerstone of the international art community. She had transformed not just her own life, but also revitalised the space around her, embodying the freedom she once dreamed of.


Path of Constraint:


Alternatively, in a parallel strand of time, Cassandra paused as she noticed the hypnotherapy flyer. Scepticism and a deep-rooted fear of relinquishing control clung to her like the smoke from her cigarettes. She crumpled the flyer and lit another cigarette, her resolve melting away with the smoke.

As the years rolled by, her health and financial condition deteriorated. The continuous cycle of smoking drained her energy and her wallet, twisted her skin as the years of toxins took their toll. The persistent cough, the breathlessness after a short walk, and the premature wrinkles aged her beyond her years. Her once-beloved job became a chore; her passion for the arts dimmed like the end of a cigarette.

The gallery suffered as well. The clean walls and vibrant paintings became at odds with her lingering odour of tobacco, that and her cough driving away customers and artists. Lack of drive and motivation led her to sell the gallery, a decision that plunged her further towards smoking and then the alcohol.

In her later years, Cassandra was a shadow of the woman she could have been. Bound by her choices and haunted by what ifs, she lived in a state of constant regret. The tobacco and alcohol companies, faceless entities of power, thrived off her addiction, indifferent to the life it had crippled. What was to become of Cassandra? Ill health and poverty, pain and regret?



In one reality, Cassandra looked back at her life with pride and joy, surrounded by the beauty of her making and the community she fostered. In the other, she faced the twilight years with remorse and solitude, a life dictated not by her, but by her inability to break free from her chains.

This tale of two paths illustrates not just Cassandra’s potential futures but also emphasizes the profound impact our choices have on our life’s trajectory. Whether it leads to freedom and fulfilment or to despair and dependency, the power of choice lies firmly in our hands.


Cassandra's Advice:


"Quitting smoking was one of the toughest yet most rewarding decisions I ever made. The key for me was finding a strong enough reason to quit—the freedom and health benefits far outweighed the temporary comfort cigarettes provided. I recommend looking into hypnotherapy or similar support systems that address not just the physical aspect of addiction, but also the psychological one. Replace old habits with new, healthier ones and remind yourself daily why you’re choosing to quit. Every craving you overcome is a step toward a longer, richer life. Believe in your ability to change; with determination and the right support, you can break free from the hold of nicotine just like I did."



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