How do I know when it is time to change?

on Fri 18 Nov


Welcome again to thoughtlounge and my, will be, weekly blog about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and everything coaching, oh, and life in general – mostly in Southampton but also in London.  I haven’t blogged for some time and I would like to get into more of a habit in producing these thoughts than I have in the past. So, here I am with another – please enjoy and feel free to send me messages or any thoughts and comments that you may have.


It has been another great week at thoughtlounge hypnotherapy and coaching – there has been progress on the doctoral thesis, methodology section at the moment – some training delivery and marking – alongside working with clients seeking change.  One of the questions I often ask,


“Are you ready to change?”

and of course what I am really seeking is that 100%

“yes, I am ready”.


So my question, is when do you know when you are ready to change?


I would like to start by talking about that powerful moment in movie history, the brief monologue which Rutger Hauer, playing the replicant Roy Batty delivers, in the amazing film bladerunner by Ridley Scott – which I think is very poignant – and if you haven’t already, I strongly recommend the film (the soundtrack by Vangelis is simply powerful and amazing btw).  Essentially, the moment signifies an individual having a significant moment of discovery and realisation, deep insight and learning about his own humanity and resulting on his deciding to change in order to preserve his memory and of his becoming consciously human as well as biologically.  This, although a Hollywood moment, does provide us with some indicators of real change – insight, awareness, realisations and discovery and the decision to do something differently.


So when do we know that we need a change in life?  It is a great question.  I think that the answer is far from clear to be honest and it appears that there are a number of factors which may contribute in deciding that the time has come to take action on whatever it is that you would like to change.  In actual fact, it is not unusual for someone to endure a condition for many years – in extreme cases sometimes a lifetime passes by.  In other cases, people decide that they are going to seek assistance early in their journey.  We will talk about the journey a little later in this article.  However, it would appear that most people begin to decide about the possibility of change when they feel that whatever it is they are up against is preventing them from doing something i.e. A fear of spiders is casing hours of being awake, closed windows, obsessive searching and hoovering etc. or perhaps you are changing your route home, crossing the road because you may happen across a dog – or perhaps you are unable to stand the thought of being a best-man because of the speech?  All these things are fairly common place.


So what of that journey? Well, phobias, habits and problem behaviours seem to creep up – at the beginning they become and signify just an annoyance yet slowly over time they begin to dominate our lives until we are being so restricted by that issue.  Then you wonder how you got to where you are – how did I end up in this predicament.  Certainly, this building of experience helps to cement the issue deep in the subconscious mind, which is reinforced again and again.


So, how do you know when it is time to change?  To be honest – by considering that it is time to change you have already made that decision to… you are no longer at the worst that you could be – the only way is now up and forward.  Hypnotherapy can help, whatever the change, whenever you need it – don’t suffer – book a consultation and find out how I could assist you, like I have for so many other, help to think and feel differently, to have your own moments of realisations and discoveries.  Have a think – is it time to change now, or should you wait 40 years or so?


Here is the weekend – so, signing out now and I will aim to BLOG again next week,


Best wishes,  


Iain – the tears in the rain scene from Youtube

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