Don't want to quit smoking? Here are my top 10 reasons to do so.

on Tue 13 Oct

Maybe you think that smoking makes you look good?  Sexy? Makes you fit in with the crowd? It's a social thing? You enjoy it?  It relaxes you?  You are addicted? You just can't do it?  You've been smoking too long?  Oh it's fine, diseases will never happen to you?


Well, okay - I get those reasons that you may feel that way... even if the conscious mind is telling you that smoking is a bad thing to do, but you still do it and maybe you do not know why?


Perhaps then, smoking is something that you do just for you?  It is the thing which gives you five minutes to yourself... just a quick cigarette break and a coffee to get some peace before back to it... it's a busy world after all and we lead such busy lives...

Yes - the cigarette has control over you - over your time and money and what you do..



Here are my top 10 reasons to quit SMOKING NOW!


1.  Stop Smoking and look younger!

By quitting the tobacco, you will slow facial aging and delay those wrinkles.  By getting more nutrients into the skin, you will even reverse the smokers complexion you may have...


2.  Live Longer!

It has been said that 50% of all long-time smokers will die early from smoking related diseases.  Cancers, bronchitis, heart-disease... Quit at 30 and add 10 years onto your life... stop at 60 and add 3 years onto your life...


It is NEVER too late to quit the habit.


3. Have Better Sex! / Meet that special person!

By stopping smoking you will increase the blood flow around the body and therefore increase sensitivity. Men will get better erections and women may find arousal happens easier.


In addition, it was found that non-smokers are more attractive and appealing to prospective long-term partners.


4. Have more money!

The cost of smoking is unbelievable... I mean - smoking 20 a day now costs, about £9.30 (based upon an online price check at the UK's leading supermarket (Benson & Hedges 20s) and so over a week then will cost - £46.50

Needless to say that over a year - £2 418.00 and add in those social occasions when you smoke more - approx. £3 000.00 a year.  So who does this go to?  Yep - the people in control of the companies for their offshore accounts, super yachts and fine dining etc... You may scramble around for that extra 20p to afford them, rest assured they don't smoke and enjoy spending your money for you.  


5. Feel less stressed!

Nicotine makes people feel stressed from the withdrawal of the drug.  That feeling of 'hmmm' is only temporary and based upon satisfying that craving and not actual relaxation or stress cure, it is a false feeling - the stress is still there.  By stopping you will increase the level of oxygen and be able to concentrate better which leads to improved mental well being.


6.  Enjoy the sense of smell and taste!

As a smoker - you do not know what you are missing.  Food, drink, flowers, perfume or body sprays - suddenly you can smell and taste again - there is a whole world waiting to be discovered.  Actually, it also means that non-smokers aren't put off that foul smell of stale smoke. Yuk!


7. Improved fertility!

Female non-smokers have an improved lining of the womb.  Male non-smokers have more virile sperm.  There is also research around decreased probability of miscarriage and improved IVF probability.  




8.  Protect your family!

Passive or secondary smoking increases the risk of the same diseases as for a smoker - does your family deserve that?  You are killing them slowly... In addition, it has been shown that parents who smoke increase their children's likelihood of chest illnesses, pneumonia, croup, ear infections, asthma, bronchitis etc.  This also increases their chances of smoking later in life... 


9. Stop smoking for more energy

Very quickly after you quit smoking, circulation improves which makes all those activities easier... walking, running, throwing etc. Wish to keep up with the kids.. stop now. 

If you are prone to colds or flu - quitting boosts your immune which of course helps to protect you firstly, then to fight them off. In addition, you'll be less tired and less likely to have headaches! 





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