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on Fri 15 Sep


Hello everyone,

Time for a quick catch up!  Today I would like to share a trick with everyone who reads my blog, I am always taken aback by how many people not only read them, but also who find the time to write to me and tell me how much they enjoyed the content.

This blog is in response to PH’s (name hidden) request for some everyday hypnosis tips. I would say now that 100% of the time I do not practise conversational hypnosis because I feel that it really isn’t ethical to do so. Yet, today I am giving you a hint and tip that you could use if needed, mainly to show you the art of the possible. 

We all have a narrative, and by that what I mean is a set number of routines that we conduct/think/react to on a daily basis.  Now, imagine that someone is working and been given a set of instructions which they must carry out – which is the stronger narrative?  Yes, the ones that are a part of our internal value system!


Okay, so here is the case study –

Man and toddler walks through the gate of a festival at the camp site – hasn’t paid etc.

Security team (man and woman).

Man says to the child, “Wave and say hello again…”

Security now have their attention turned to the child…

Man keeps saying… “keep waving, can you say hello again… come on you know who they are”

Their focus is now directed at the child, not on the job or task because they are expecting a wave hello and that is their sole focus.

Child does or does not wave

Man says “Wave goodbye again and say see you later on again..”

By the time the pair are in the festival the security may not even think what has just happened…


Was this magic? No, simple confidence and because you are saying – “say hello AGAIN” the security is being told that you know them – do they want to challenge you and appear forgetful? No, but they might if they think about their task… now distract with cuteness and bingo!


This is an example of conversational hypnosis in practice. What I mean by that is, the specific use of everyday language, sometimes called covert hypnosis. This is the influencing of the subconscious mind in everyday situations in order to change their will toward yours, hence I feel that it is unethical. You see, we expect patterns and narratives to be fulfilled. There is no doubts that it is a very interesting topic.  The reasons I have published this blog to make you aware of how easy it is and how you could be fooled too.  If you enjoy this article then perhaps I will be writing more on this topic.


Best wishes



Thanks to Sebastien Bertrand Flickr for the great photo - published under creative commons licence. 

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