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on Mon 1 Apr


Hello again,


It’s been a wonderfully warm weekend hasn’t it! Today I am sitting in my office looking out of the window and there is not a cloud in the sky. As the light comes through the window, it really is quite warming.  Today, I’d like to once again talk about sleep. I realise I only talked about it recently when I launched my new MP3 but it’s an issue that is been affecting a lot of people and I’m beginning to see a rise in the number of clients who do have sleep issues. Adults generally need between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. Yet most aren’t getting this!  I know that recently I’ve been putting in some long hours at work in the office in order to get some submissions completed and some projects delivered. These working patterns have been affecting my quality of sleep. Sleep issues just affects so many people…




Insomnia is the name of the sleep disorder which affects a person’s ability to get to sleep and to stay asleep or sometimes it’s used to describe the inability to stay asleep.  Insomnia is absolutely different from the regular bouts of sleeplessness. For example, somebody who has trouble sleeping for a week, perhaps they’ve got a lot of things going on work but then returned to normal patterns of behaviour are sleepy. Insomnia on the other hand is much more chronic and really does affect people long-term and ultimately their performance at work or at home.


Recent figures suggest that 16 million adults in the United Kingdom are suffering from sleepless nights whilst 31% of this figure as stating that they are insomniacs.  After you have suffered from a number of sleepless nights wariness really does take hold and people can succumb to taking sleeping tablets or even drinking alcohol to sleep. So whilst 26% of UK adults desire to improve their sleeping habits few people actually do take steps forward. Whilst there are 665,193 people who live in the SO postcode areas, according to the figures, 200K will have sleep issues and out of those only 26K are actively wanting to change, however, 13K will go on to do so.


How do I change?


Improving your sleeping patterns, increasing the number of hours slept, feeling you are receiving a quality of sleep is a fantastic ambition. Not only does this improve the cognitive function on a day-to-day basis, increase energy levels and make you feel better about the world actually there are other health benefits to. More serious conditions such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes and also the mood and immune issues are also cited as being a risk.


The usual ways that are suggested, for improving the ability to sleep:


  1. Get out and about in the sunlight, going for a walk, getting some exercise.
  2. Reducing exposure to the bluelight from electronic devices at night.
  3. Avoid caffeine in the late afternoon early evenings.
  4. Do not take daytime naps.
  5. Improve the regularity of bedtime, i.e. going to bed a set time and getting up at set time.
  6. Improve the bedroom environment, i.e. new mattress, shutting out light, temperature et cetera.
  7. Do not drink or eat before bed.


So what now?


Hypnotherapy can be very effective for the treatment of insomnia and sleeplessness issues. I have seen many people who have had sleep disorders and whom have gone on to sleep fully each evening, dusk till Dawn.  However, if you’d like to try something different in advance I have an MP3 available which I created for myself to be able to use when I have times when my mind is so active it seems that there’s a hundred things to think about rather than just drifting off.


One of the most relaxing things for me, is the sound of the wind blowing. It doesn’t matter whether the wind is blowing through the pine trees or whether it’s an Arctic wind on the flat plains of the North Pole. In the MP3, I introduce your subconscious mind to some really mind blowing music that you feel whilst building a scenario for the conscious mind to imagine.  Following this, the music turns into a northern wind blowing through the snow scape. I always think of myself as being wrapped up safely in a sleeping bag, really warm whilst the wind is howling outside the log cabin, and open fire crackling in the grate. It’s very rare that I get to hear the wind because I’m usually asleep by the time I finish the relaxation exercise. You see, people are able to condition themselves to fall asleep to various queues and triggers. The more often you listen to the MP3 was falling asleep the easier it gets to fall asleep to it.


Powerful MP3 to assist you to get to sleep!


Here below, is the link to the MP3 - it is on sale now for £9.99 - and I consider it to be one of the most powerful, subliminal aids to sleeping.


But it’s not just me that thinks it’s amazing. I have trialled this MP3 with many of my clients, whilst seeing me of the presenting issues they have stated that sleep has been something they would also like to improve. In all cases everybody have been very happy and complimentary of the 30 minute track.


Have a wonderful week and really enjoy whatever you’re doing. As always, I’m here to help and support you if you need me.


My very best wishes,




Here is the link again...



PS. I’m going to be launching some new products over the next coming weeks which I find very exciting so please watch out for some up-and-coming blogs and in the future.


PPS. Thanks again to and Melissa O’Donohue for the image ‘scream’ published under creative commons.


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