Lumen Metabolic Hand Held Reader; a journey begins

on Wed 16 Feb



‘Hack my metabolism’! Become Metabolically flexible!!


I first heard about Lumen, the metabolic tracker through an article in the Telegraph; there was a headline that Maria Fox had reduced her weight by 3.5 stone. She claimed that the weight loss was down to the Lumen device! I was intrigued... more information was needed and I wanted to give this device a try out… My lifestyle already includes fasting, Huel and the Gym combined with tracking my data with a Garmin 4 watch.


My aim is to micro-blog about my journey with Lumen. I aim to provide you with an honest review over a couple of months so that you can read with interest about the journey.


Am I worried?


In the past I have generally maintained my weight through fitness, however, in the more recent years through intermittent fasting, Huel, and eating more plant based – don’t forget willpower (which is so tough to do!) For those that know me, I enjoy food and am (perhaps was) partial to a home delivered pizza.  Can I really make bigger changes?


What have I achieved to date?


The parcel arrived and I was impressed straight away with the quality and high-end feel. Having unpacked the inhaler, downloaded the app and began to watch the videos,  I have also taken some readings… I even made a change to my lunch and drinks as a result… it is clear that Lumen really does provide information... but is this enough?


Next time I will talk about the ‘Infinite Hunger’ and the ‘trip switch’ while updating you on my readings!


If you want to learn more or simply buy and subscribe to Lumen – here is a link.  If you use the discount code THOUGHTLOUNGE you will get $30 reduction.


The Lumen device is not suitable for those under 16, are obese, or suffer with chronic health conditions like asthma, diabetes, COPD etc. Always get advice from your GP. Please note that I will receive commission for every device purchased.

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