Mansell vs Senna - The 1992 Monaco Grand Prix.

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Welcome to this week’s blog.  I have been told that a blog should reveal a little about yourself, not simply be a business marketing tool which can cause people to simply switch off! So this week, I am going to talk about one of my passions, Formula One.  I know that it won’t suit everyone’s taste in topics but then, there is much to learn from it.


The principality of Monaco has held a grand prix since 1929, in various guises of course.  It is a narrow winding street circuit which has barriers either side of the track and takes courage and nerves to drive an F1 car on.  Now on 31 May 1992, the 2.068 miles course was set as a duelling ground for two of the best drivers of the field, Nigel Mansell, leading the championship and Aryton Senna, the tenacious fighter who had the less capable car but had an amazing talent.  Needless to say, it was Mansell who took the all-important pole position with his team-mate, Riccardo Patrese lining up 2nd.  Senna took 3rd place while Jean Alesi was lined up 4th in the Ferrari. 


At 15.30 local time, as everyone expected, on this overcast, warm but dry day, Mansell pulled away maintaining the lead, while Senna overtook Patrese into the St Devote corner.  Mansell led the race until lap 70 of 78.  A loose wheel nut forced the race leader into the pits, emerging just 5.2 seconds behind the McLaren of Senna who had just taken the lead.  What then emerged was some of the very best driving that I have ever seen.  Mansell gained within 2 laps to be placed just behind Senna’s car and mirrored his every move, dodging this way and that way, on the gearbox ready to swoop and take the lead back.  Having set the fastest race lap on Lap 74, with a time of 1.21.598 there was nothing to be done. Senna won the race with Mansell finishing just 0.215 second later. Both of them finished 31 seconds ahead of the third placed Patrese… Two very special and talented drivers.


After the race, Mansell was full of praise for the Brazilian.  Senna knew that the car was clearly quicker than the McLaren but his talent, experience and adrenaline kept the Williams at bay.  Mansell stated that he thought Senna’s driving was fair, and that he drove a fantastic race.  Mansell knew and stated that day that his 2nd place was the most important 2nd of his driving career, when you watch the race’s final 10 laps, you can see why he said that.  Monaco is hard enough but on this day, we were treated to the most amazing motor racing the world has ever seen – certainly that is my opinion still to this day.  Murry Walker certainly agrees and places it in his top five races.  My top 5 races are:


  • The 1992 Monaco Grand Prix
  • The 1994 Japanese Grand Prix
  • The 1994 Australian Grand Prix
  • The 1993 Donnington Grand Prix of Europe
  • The 2012 Singapore Grand Prix


So, now for the why I decided to blog about the race? A few days ago, the F1 twitter feed showed Nigel and Aryton battling for a race in extreme wet conditions. It was the 1991 Australian Grand Prix, the shortest race, being stopped on Lap 14.  Aryton won and Mansell came 2nd – this isn’t a theme! – Having shown the race highlights on Twitter and then an interview with Nigel, he clearly stated that it had been too wet to race (Alain Prost had courageously completed one lap of the 1989 Australian Grand Prix, a driver of morals).  Arm chair drivers see fit to criticise Nigel for whining… of all things!  I felt that I needed to defend his interview, never had Nigel been someone who backed out of a race, here was someone with courage and tremendous determination and commitment.  So, I decided to blog this week about the greatest race he never won.


Why does this race resonate so much, in fact, when I look at all my favorite races (bar 1) they are all about the same thing.  They have the hallmarks of everything I hold dear to me.  Courage, confidence, determination, honour, sense of duty, persistence, never give in, determination, commitment, motivation, truth and fairness. I could go on and talk about the other races – if this is something you’d like, please do let me know.


When I work with clients both in Hypnotherapy and in Coaching, these are the values that I stand for and am willing to uphold to my detriment. Only two people have ever fallen short of these in my therapeutic career and I felt so disappointed to have agreed to have worked with them.  Instead, I feel proud of every other client I have worked with. 


Anyways, have a great week and be back with you soon with another blog – I have rather a special series coming in the next three weeks, you HAVE to read them!! (no spoilers here btw but I am just so excited).


Best wishes,




Thank you to pher38 - image published under creative commons




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