Improving Sports Performance with Hypnotherapy and Coaching

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on Tue 7 Jun


In a recent newspaper article it was reported that the England Euro 2016 squad may well be hindered by the loss of their team psychologist Dr Steve Peters.  In the past, Peters has been credited with creating some of the success of the British cycling team of recent years.  Recently, since 2014, he has been working with the English national football team.  However, it seems that due to his prior commitments to other sporting competitors and athletes he will be missing at some key stages, but there is a chance that he will return during the later stages of the tournament. 

Whilst working with English football, the manager, Roy Hodgeson, has revealed what it is that he has been doing specifically with the team; removing the fear of failure, especially in the penalty shoot-out scenario and he has acted as a confidant to a number of players.

There is no doubt that Dr Steve Peters has contributed to the success of the sportsmen and women that he has worked with but it must be remembered that the potential for greater performance has always been within the clients, it really just needed to be unlocked.  Unlocked in the right way.


“Everybody has the will to win; few people have the will to prepare to win.” – Bob Knight


If you compete in sport at any level – How do you ensure that you get the best from your performances?  Do you use visualization or meditation or simply to use a focused practice?  If you are a keen sportsman or woman, then you will wish to unlock all that potential within you in order to perform to the very best of your ability. Barriers to performance do manifest, this could be that you have a ‘mental block’, for example golfers tend to get into a habit of hitting the ball incorrectly time after time and can’t seem to rectify it.  Footballers seem to develop issues with shooting into the goal correctly, in fact every sport has its challengers and difficulties, mostly lack of confidence.

Today I am providing one free tip - it has been said many times that practice makes perfect.  Well I am going to tell you that practice makes permanent.  Whatever it is you practice, that gets absorbed into the sub-conscious mind and then becomes intuitive and hence permanent.  It is vital that you make changes to your style, skill or technique and then practice that.  There are many ways that performance can be improved, focused practice being just one area. 

As a therapist, coach and counselor, I combine all my approaches to ensure that, like the England Squad, you will have a confidant, someone to unlock your performance and to support you in making changes into the future with confidence.  If you want to get ahead of the competition, then I can assist in your journey.

Best wishes and enjoy Euro 2016.


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