NIco Rosberg Retires From F1; Who Am I?

on Sat 3 Dec


Hello again,

The news over the weekend that Nico Rosberg is retiring as current formula world champion – wow, shock – I think that I can only think of Nigel Mansell retiring from Formula One as current world champion in 1992, unless there were others? I may well be wrong but I am a little shocked.  There is a lot of rumours about why and people saying if they agreed with the decision or not… This is what I would like to talk about this week – being authentic and being yourself, free to make choices – I will add my two pennies at the end about Nico’s decision.  

Who am I?

Great question?  Who are you? What do you do, how do you look, how do you feel, what do you enjoy doing?  All these questions have been answered slowly over time since birth.  Originally you were this blank canvas with some genetic programming, which means that some of the things that you enjoy have been passed down over the years and generations.  So you wouldn’t be surprised to find that you enjoy doing some of the activities that your ancestors did.  I mean, there have been plenty of second generation F1 drivers – Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve, Nico Rosberg, Max Verstappen, Kevin Magnussen, Nelson Piquet Junior, Markus Winkelhock, Kazuki Nakajima, Michael Andretti,  Christian Fittipaldi, David Brabham and finally, Hans-Joachim Stuck.  Three of these have become second generation world champions deservedly in their own right!  There surely must be something in this genes thing! So okay, but what else is there?  Well, there are your values and what you like to do…  Your thinking side, what you consider to be intelligence.  All these are coupled with the experiences that you have had through your life and they provide you with a unique character map called the authentic you.

What happens when I don’t feel in control any more of me?

You are free to do whatever you wish to do, within reason of course, we still have laws in society and these should be adhered to – or, if you do not have the moral or ethics nor conscience you must accept the ramifications of your actions.  No, in reality there are few things that you have control over.  Where you go, who you spend you time with and doing, and of course what you eat, drink or spend money on.  No-one else has any other control, even in a relationship you have choice!  If you allow people control over you, it is because you have allowed them to have this.  Maybe for money, I mean employment.  You have given your time for them in return for a package which remunerates you for this loss.  Be careful because time is something that you will never get back again – if you sell your time cheaply, then you have made your choice about your own worth.

This is equally as valid to who you spend your time with.  Some of you reading this may be not enjoying spending time with those who you spend time with.  You can make choices – turn this around through change or spend time with someone else.   When you feel forced to spending time with people or doing things which aren’t your choice through the influence of others, then you feel out of control – all it takes is to realise you have the choice of freedom and control and you realise that things are fine.  This sounds simple and I know that it isn't simple as there are entanglement of roots and connections...

So, what to do if I feel I can’t do anything about it?

Simply ring and talk to me – let’s book an appointment do some hypnotherapy and or coaching and get you back on track!  You have my number – 07970977146 – or email

Okay, so what about Nico’s decision?

You will be aware by now that I fully support Nico Rosberg’s stance – I think that retiring on the top of the sport is a fine thing to do.  I think, knowing him, he will miss it but I feel he will find many other ways of competing and winning and having his adrenalin rush.  I wish you well Nico and thank you for an amazing season’s Formula One racing in 2016.

My very best as always,



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