emotional healing

Energy, Emotions, Hypnosis and Magnetism

Dr Iain Lightfoot on Sun 3 Dec


An exploration merging two intriguing realms—Franz Mesmer's theories of animal magnetism and Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code. While Mesmer sought to balance energies through magnetism, envisioning potential links to chakras, Nelson's Emotion Code focuses on releasing trapped emotions for holistic wellness. Combining Mesmer's magnetic theory and the Emotion Code's emotional healing opens a compelling narrative. Both faced scepticism yet offers pathways to understanding the intricate connections between emotions, energies, and well-being. Mesmer's legacy hints at parallels with the Emotion Code's emphasis on restoring balance. Their convergence hints at a holistic approach to health, transcending mere methodologies, inviting individuals on a transformative journey towards inner harmony and well-being.



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